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For Dr. Serene Perkins, a 2006 graduate of the General Surgery program, life after Jefferson brought a move to Pakistan. After joining the faculty of Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU), where she is starting an International Surgery Program, she has gone to rebuild surgical services at Kunhar Christian Hospital, in Garihabibullah, Northwest Frontier Province — only two miles from the epicenter of the October 2005 earthquake.

Dr. Perkins
and family

Dr. Perkins reports, "One of the greatest challenges is the discrepancy between socioeconomic classes. Some of (my) patients do not have homes to which they can return. Thankfully, the hospital has been able to offer additional resources. And though we lack the most up-to-date equipment, we strive to provide the best surgical care possible."

To learn more about Dr. Perkins' current status, visit www.jefferson.edu/surgery/ perkins.cfm.