Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation (JCIPE)

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From the Editors


Welcome to the latest edition of the Jefferson Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter. In our past newsletter we described a meeting that took place February 2011 that previewed the core competencies presented by IPEC. We are pleased to announce that TJU has adopted four IPE core competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, they are; Values/Ethics‐ Respect the unique cultures, values, roles/responsibilities and expertise of other health professionals; Roles/ Responsibilities‐ Explain the roles and responsibilities of other health/healthcare providers and how the team works together to provide care; Interprofessional Communication‐ Work to ensure common understanding of information, treatment, and health/healthcare decisions by listening actively, communicating effectively, encouraging ideas and opinions of other team members and expressing one’s knowledge and opinions with confidence clarity and respect; Team and Teamwork‐ Reflect on the attributes of highly functioning teams and demonstrate the responsibilities and practices of effective team member(s).