Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation (JCIPE)


Sixteen year-old, timid Noelle arrived on the labor floor with complaints of severe abdominal pain and headache, onset earlier today at school. During her intake, she confided to her nurse that she is probably about 7 months pregnant with no prenatal care. Only her boyfriend knew. Her parents were oblivious. Noelle was petrified to tell her mother of the pregnancy. Mom arrived on the labor floor about thirty minutes later and was shocked to discover her daughter’s condition. The physician explained the situation to Mom. Noelle was 30 weeks pregnant, hypertensive with seizures. Mom could barely comprehend her daughter’s illness, much less the realization that there was also a baby, one who would be premature if born today. Mom heard discussions among the staff and more medications were administered. Noelle’s mom blurted out comments of “seizure”, “high blood pressure”, “magnesium”, “emergency cesarean section", "delivery” echoed around her. Mom’s concern was not for the baby but only her daughter’s safety. “What about my daughter? Don’t worry about the baby; make sure my daughter is ok.” Mom sat in the chair, defeated and frightened, sobbing intermittently. Noelle was rolled out of the room to the OR…