Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation (JCIPE)

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From the Editors


Welcome to this inaugural edition of the Jefferson InterProfessional Education and Care Newsletter. We are delighted to launch this new vehicle to share the exciting programs advancing interprofessional care and education that are happening here at Jefferson and beyond. The Newsletter will be a biannual on-line peer-reviewed publication, which will showcase a range of innovative courses, experiential, simulation, and clinical instruction, and new models of team-based care, all designed to enhance the ability of the healthcare team to meet the mandates of the Institute of Medicine to provide safe, effective, efficient, equitable, timely, patientcentered care. Interprofessional team-based care has been widely accepted as a key element to a re-designed health-care system; however, evidence for the true effectiveness of interprofessional collaborative care, and the educational interventions that support it, is lacking. We hope this Newsletter will serve as one forum for bringing promising new strategies to your attention as they are developed.