In writing this article, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Alison Watson, an oculoplastic attending surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital, all about this exciting and innovative specialty. During our discussion, she said that one of the things she loves most about this field is its diversity, including the range of procedures she gets to perform and patients she is able to treat. While there are procedures common to all oculoplastic surgeons, such as cosmetic and functional eyelid surgery to address both upper and lower eyelid malposition, reconstruction following periocular cancer resection, along with nasolacrimal surgery, Dr. Watson explained that this specialty also provides the surgeon the liberty to mold their practice to suit their preferred niche and interests. Some may choose to focus on orbital surgeries including reconstruction following trauma and management of orbital tumors, whereas others develop a more cosmetically based practice. At Wills Eye, Dr. Watson feels fortunate to practice across the breadth of the specialty with some of her favorite surgeries like orbital fracture repairs and cosmetic brow and forehead lifting falling on opposite ends of the spectrum. Dr. Watson said that oculoplastics is a rewarding field for many reasons, but often eyelid surgery particularly empowers her to “optimize the vision of [her] patients, while also playing a role in helping them feel better about themselves.”