inSIGHT is a student-run, non-peer reviewed journal established by the Thomas Duane Ophthalmology Society to highlight the innovative ophthalmic research, procedures, and faculty at Wills Eye Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University. inSIGHT aims to promote student interest in ophthalmology by supporting peer authors to report on diverse aspects of the field, through editorial and opinion pieces. inSIGHT is proud to present its inaugural issue.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2021)

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Vishal Swaminathan, MS3
Senior Editors
Jordan Hamburger, MS3
Eric Shiuey, MS3
Junior Editors
Rachel Israilevich, MS2
Hannah Levin, MS2
Charlotte Shields, MS2
Creative Director
Preeyal Patel, MS3
Bruce Markovitz, MD