Gibbon Surgical Review


Geoffrey Krampitz, MD, PhD is a hepatopancreaticobiliary surgeon with an extensive background in surgical oncology, stem cell science, and cancer immunotherapy research who recently joined the faculty here at Thomas Jefferson University as an Assistant Professor of Surgery. After earning his BSE in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University and before starting medical training, Dr. Krampitz worked in consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually helped launch two internet startup companies in Silicon Valley. He then went to UC San Francisco for his Master’s degree, where he investigated the role of HIF1-alpha in stem cell differentiation. Dr. Krampitz received his medical degree from and completed his surgical residency at Stanford University, where he also received a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. He later completed a complex general surgical oncology fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center. During medical school at Stanford, he studied VEGF signaling in adventitial stem cells after vessel injury and its contribution to neo-intimal hyperplasia. During his general surgery residency at Stanford, he completed his PhD thesis investigating pancreatic cancer stem cells and developing novel immunotherapies. His current research focuses on identifying the key elements of programmed cell removal and “don’t-eat-me” signals that can be targeted for clinical applications.