Copyright Advisory on Collected or Selected Works

Authors maintaining collected or selected writings online with The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) do not require anyone's permission to include the citation, abstract, and, if the work is published somewhere on the Internet, its Internet address (URL). Where copyright permits, authors can also include the full text.
Authors usually retain copyright over working papers, in which case the author does not need permission to post the working paper to his or her collected or selected writings. Authors usually transfer copyright to publishers for published materials. Most publishers who hold copyright to a paper allow the author to reprint it in a volume of collected or selected works. Some publishers restrict or deny this right. Authors need to determine their rights case-by-case, usually by reading the copyright agreement or asking the publisher.

Warranty of persons maintaining selected or collected works with Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) software or servers
Each author who maintains selected or collected works with bepress software or servers manages his or her web pages and is responsible for their content. The author must assure that any materials posted to his or her site contains nothing that is defamatory or otherwise unlawful or that invades individual privacy or infringes any proprietary right or any copyright. The Berkeley Electronic Press is not responsible for the materials posted to the site. The author agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold bepress harmless against any claim to the contrary.

Any publisher who believes that its copyright has been infringed in an author's collected or selected works should contact the author and ask for the article's removal. To avoid future infringements, bepress requests the publisher to inform us by .