Vittorio Maio, PharmD, MS, MSPH, is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy of Jefferson Medical College, where he is responsible for managing and developing health policy research studies. In addition, he is the Director of Outcomes Research Fellowship Programs. Prior to joining the DHP team, Dr. Maio worked several years in Italy within the pharmaceutical field. Dr. Maio's research interests are in the areas of outcomes analysis and medication usage and policy. Current research involves the evaluation of inappropriate medication prescribing for the elderly; the effects of patient prescription cost-sharing on drug consumption and utilization of medical care; and the development of quality measurements in inpatient and outpatient care settings. He is Associated Editor of the American Journal of Medical Quality. Dr. Maio received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Perugia (Italy), took the Italian Pharmacist Board Certification, and received both his Master's Science in Pharmacology and his Master’s in Public Health from Thomas Jefferson University.

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