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Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1 (2015)



Decompressive Hemicraniectomy: Predictors and Functional Outcome In Patients With Ischemic Stroke
Anthony P. Kent, BA; Maria Montano, MPH; Nohra Chalouhi, MD; Badih Daou, MD; Robert H. Rosenwasswer MD; Stavropoula l. Tjoumakaris, MD; and Pascal Jabbour MD


Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Management of Cavernous Malformations
Brian Nasca, BA, BS; Matthew J. Viereck; Nohra Chalouhi, MD; Pascal Jabbour MD; Robert H. Rosenwasswer MD; and Stavropoula Tjoumakaris


Emotional/Psychiatric Symptom Change and Amygdala Volume After Anterior Temporal Lobectomy
Daniel Moadel, BA; Gaelle Eve Doucet, PhD; Dorian Pustina, PhD; Robert Rider, PhD; Nathan Taylor, BA; Paul Barnett, MS; Michael R. Sperling, MD; Ashwini Sharan MD; and Joseph l. Tracy, PhD

Case Report


A Rare Case of a Systemic Non-Langerhans Histiocytosis Presenting with Diabetes Insipidus and a Tentorial Mass
Guilherme Barros, MS; Kelly Krupa, BS; Kristin Krupa, BS; Ravichandra Madineni, MD; Lawrence C. Kenyon, MD, PhD; and Christopher J Farrell, MD