Volume 15, Issue 1 (2020) Summer 2020

The latest issue of the JHN Journal provides insight to news, advancements and findings from the Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience. The journal begins with an in-depth look at the last five years of medical management of neurological patients, including primary care services and post-operative care. The issue is bookended with what the next five years will look like in this realm.

In addition to these fascinating articles, you’ll also get to read up on topics such as cardiac risk stratification of neurosurgical patients, epidural abscess of the central nervous system, management of hyperglycemia in the neurosurgery patient and so much more.


Review Articles


Epidural Abscess of the Central Nervous System
Katherine Belden, Jack Jallo, and Linda Mwamuka


Spinal Metastasis – Diagnosis, Management, and the Role of the Hospitalist
Bharath Ganesh, Catriona McDonald Harrop, and Jesse Edwards


Management of Hyperglycemia in the Neurosurgery Patient
Rene Daniel, Satya Villuri, and Kevin Furlong