In May of 2015 at her home in Mount Laurel, NJ, Anna Poszmik, just 23 at the time, suffered from a severe asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest. Anna was pursuing her degree in neuroscience at Columbia University. She had been diagnosed with asthma at the age of 22 and began suffering from major attacks that often landed her in the hospital during the early months of 2015. She had decided to come home for the weekend before she was due to take her last final exam when she suffered another attack that left her barely able to breathe or speak. Before the ambulance could arrive, Anna’s breathing had stopped and she went into a cardiac arrest. Her mother, Annamaria Fulep, frantically tried to resuscitate her but there was little she could do. “It was the worst hour of my life and the worst moment having my child down on the floor blue, and not having any idea what to do,” said Fulep.