Each year the Epilepsy Therapy Project in conjunction with the Epilepsy Foundation puts on a conference for new development in diagnostics, device and medication therapies emerging in the field of epilepsy. We summarize below a few of the presentations that we thought would be of interest to the JHN readership. For a full listing of the presentations please see http://www.epilepsy.com/ accelerating-new-therapies/2016-epilepsy-pipeline-conference.

In the new mechanism of action therapies there were three new products that were presented. Scotts Edwards updated the conference on progress of the compound SF0034 which a potent and selective KCNQ2/3 activator designed to suppress neuronal hyperexcitability in patients with partial-onset epilepsy. SF0034 was found to have significantly greater potency and selectivity in preclinical models of epilepsy compared with the known product ritagabine. Tansna President Mark Robbins, presented progress fir a new novel non-sedating agent derived from propofol which in early work had a favorable efficacy and side effect profile. Michael Ragowski presented on a new Inhaled treatment for refractory epilepsy, which is a prodrug of propofol, as a potential rescue for patients having seizures and want to try and avoid the oncoming seizure. Lastly and for a similar target, Jackie French presented data on Phase 2a for a status epileptic rescue medication that being developed by Alexza Pharmaceuticals for patients who have repetitive seizures and want to stop after the first seizure.

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