Article Title

Inside Out, Spring 2017




Abstract Anatomy: The Strength Within, Jordyn Brooke Tumas, Front Cover

Lower East Side, Caroline Christianson, Inside Cover

Untitled, Alex Rowan, 1

Daytime Figure Study, Chen Zhou, 2

Amyloids, Malika Madhava, 3

Dirty Dishes, Daisy Zhang, 4

Topography, Prachi Priyam, 5

Glass Wall, South Street, Sanket Patkak, 5

Our home is open, Julie Christensen, 6

Hands, Katie Shen, 7

Balance, Anna Melnick, 8

Consequence, Anitha Ahmed, 9

Woman with White Carnation, Katie Sommers, 10

pocketbooks, Anthony K. Vu, 10

Miniatures, Holly Rankin, 11

Savory Poem, Anya Platt, 11

Rememberance, Anya Platt, 12

Paper Doll, Daisy Zhang, 13

Miniatures, Holly Rankin 13

Cardioversion, Jordyn Brooke Tumas, 14

the finest fixes, Anthony K. Vu, 14

Stream in Summer, Katie Sommers, 15

Where the Heart is, Anitha Ahmed, 15

2017, Caroline Christianson, 16

Copper, David Chou, 16

Collection, Sam Schoer, 17

A Start to Detangling, Sam Schoer, 18

Philly Drummer, Sanket Pathak, 18

Trump in Philadelphia, Sanket Pathak, 19

A Body's Parts, Sam Schoer, 19

Brooklyn, Caroline Christianson, 20

Echoes, Tanziyah Muqeem, 21

No Bans on Stolen Lands, Prachi Priyam, 21

Carving Song, Anya Platt, 22

Resist, Prachi Priyam, 23

Rooster, Michelle Chen, 24

jhaar, Karishma Kodia, 24

The Falls, Emily Sterbis, 25

And The Next One will be Named, Daisy Zhang, 25

Look at Me, Sh'rae Marshall, 26

Father and Sons, Jessi Phillips, 26

Winter Break, Naomi Newman, 28

Contrast Study, David Chou, 30

Dissection, Benji Richter, 30

One by One, Jui Desai, 31

Gentle Hands, Megan Feick, 31

Miljacka East, Mak Sarich, 32

1, Harnoor Kaur, 32

the streets at 2am, Karishma Kodia, 32

Histea and West, Mak Sarich, 33

inspiration, Harnoor Kaur, 33

Seated Study, Chen Zhou, 34

1 A.M., Daisy Zhang, 35

Standing Nude, Chen Zhou, 36

Home, David Chou, 36

Back Alleyway, Julie Christensen, 36

A Quiet Sunday Morning, Emily Ott, 37

Dear Mommy, Rachel Werk, 37

Standard Deviations, Erik Blomain, 38

Gandhi and the Brain, Mak Sarich, 38

Knighthood, Alicia Jiang, 40

Ireland, Chen Zhou, 40

The Process, Alex Acosta, 42

Boy Contemplating, Sanket Pathak, 42

The Interpreter, Jarett Beaudoin, 44

Abstract Anatomy: The Strength Within, Jordyn Brooke Tumas, 45

Water, Malika Madhava, 45

Snake Honey Thaw, Sam Schoer, 45

Bavarian Bubble Boy, Mak Sarich, 46

Circus, David Chou, 47

Notes on Loss, Gianna Girone, 48

Contributors, 49

Acknowledgements, 50

Abstract Anatomy: The Strength Within, Jordyn Brooke Tumas, Back Cover

Editors-in-Chief: Anitha Ahmed, Karly Brown, Anya Platt

Editors: Jarett Beaudoin, Caroline Christianson, Alicia Jiang, Harnoor Kaur, Karishma Kodia, Malika Madhava, Alisha Maity, Becca Montana, Naveed A. Rahman, Leena Ramani, Benjamin Richter, Sara Sadeghi, Hanna Sandhu, Mak Sarich, Kathryn Sommers.

Advisor: Dorissa Bolinski

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mark L. Tykocinski

The Jefferson Arts Organization was founded primarily to offer Jefferson students the opportunity to express themselves through art. The Jefferson Arts organization focuses on such media as art and photography, writing, and music and supports diverse activities including live readings, art exhibits and musical performances. In addition, the organization publishes Inside Out, an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings, sketches, short stories, poems and essays contributed by Jefferson students. All of these activities are designed to bring more diversity to the Jefferson community; to allow students, faculty and staff the chance to stop and reflect on their daily lives; and to provide a creative outlet from the rigors of school and work.