Article Title

Inside Out, Spring 2011




Winter Boardwalk, Heather Tattersall, 1

Boundaries, Kanani Titchen, 2

Nightline, To Dung Nguyen, 4

Blue Jeans, Bonnie Bennet, 5

After the Genocide, Rwanda, Christine Chen, 6

Trails, Matt Richards, 7

Various Facades, Subhasree Basu, 8

On Our Mistakes, and Physics, Khalid Mohamood, 9

Valle Sagrado, Lara Murphy, 11

Pink Study, Han Koon Ooi, 12

Passage, Rites, Jennifer Lewis, 13

Layers, Mara Modest, 15

Heather Tattersall, Aivi Nguyen, 16

Pulse, Christina Furia, 17

Penmanship, Christina Nguyen, 18

Small Jeffersonians, Francina Girard, 19

Growing Up In Guatemala, Christine Chen, Front Cover

Lady Watering, Aimee J. Lee, Inside Front Cover

Singed, Matt Richards, Inside Back Cover

Lubert, Daniel Gealy, Back Cover

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Lewis

Production Manager Alexander Brothers

Assistant Production Managers Christine Chen, Aivi Nguyen, To Dung Nguyen

Editors Anna Escuder, Andi Frankenburger, Nona Lu, Mara Modest, Khalid Mohamood

Faculty Moderator Dr. Michael J. Vergare

The Jefferson Arts organization was founded primarily to offer Jefferson students the opporunity to express themselves through art. The Jefferson Arts organization focuses on such media as art & photography, writing, and music, and supports diverse activities including live readings, art exhibits and musical performances. In addition, the organization publishes Inside Out, an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings and sketches, short stories, poems and essays contributed by Jefferson students. All of these activities are designed to bring more diversity to the Jefferson community; to allow students, faculty and staff the chance to stop and reflect on their daily lives; and to provide a creative outlet from the rigors of school and work.