We are excited to share this year’s edition of Inside Out with you!

One year since the last publication of this magazine and so much of the world has changed. In many ways, we continue to be challenged as students, healthcare workers, and members of the Jefferson community. We struggle to balance a reverence for what has been lost over the last two years with a gentle optimism for the future. Despite this uncertainty, what is clear is that creating and sharing art will continue to be a critical way for us to reflect and better understand ourselves. The diverse collection of written work and visual art represented in this magazine speaks to the complexity of our Jefferson community, and in that complexity we see beauty. Through this publication, we celebrate the achievements of our contributors and take inspiration from their art.

We are deeply grateful for the contributions of the Jefferson community to this magazine. The vulnerability, strength, and self-reflection exhibited in their pieces is truly admirable and we are sincerely thankful for their openness to share.

Amy Baumgart & Steven Bieser
Editors in Chief

John Curran & Alice Wu
Literary Directors

Connor Crutchfield & Roselind Ni
Art Directors

Current Volume: Volume 12 (2022)

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