This special issue of the journal focuses on COVID-19 and racism in medicine. It was guest edited by Danielle Snyderman, MD, CMD, a geriatrician and an assistant professor in the department of family and community medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and the medical director of The Hill at Whitemarsh continuing care retirement community, and Nick Safian, a member of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College class of 2022.


  • Introduction from the Guest Editors, page 1
  • Note from the Editor-in-Chief, page 5
  • Section I: Poetry, page 7
  • Section II: Home Life, page 9
  • Section III: Entering the Fray, page 15
  • Section IV: Fear. page 19
  • Section V: Loss. page 21
  • Section VI: Connection. page 25
  • Section VII: Racism in Medicine, page 33