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From the Editors


We are honored to present the 24th Annual edition of The Medicine Forum to the Jefferson community. Over the years, it has been remarkable to see the quality and diversity of projects submitted to this forum, and this year is no exception. The Medicine Forum aims to celebrate the scholarly activity among physicians in training at our institution. We hope that this year's edition will continue to honor this long standing tradition. Despite the uncertainties and stressors that are inherent to working in a hospital, our authors have found the time to produce scholarly work that will diversify and further medical knowledge. For this, we thank them. We also want to thank our supporters for making this journal possible and our readers for their continued interest.

Editorial Board

  • Harrison Bell, MD
  • Akash Patel, DO
  • Benjamin Tasevac, MD

Editorial Staff

  • Katherine Duffey, MD
  • Michael Joseph, DO
  • Louis Kishfy, MD
  • Mark Mallozzi, MD
  • Lindsey Morris, MD
  • Jason Ojeda, MD
  • Tal Zivan, MD

Friends of the Forum

  • Mark S. Berger, MD