It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you for the first time as Program Director, as I also introduce to you our latest edition of The Medicine Forum. Having done my residency training at Jefferson, I am so proud that the tradition of this journal has continued throughout the years despite new residents, new leadership, and new challenges both locally and globally. Our residents’ commitment to not only patient care, but also to scholarship and inquiry remains outstanding and impactful.

Tradition, coming from the Latin word “tradere”, means to transmit, to hand over, or to give for safekeeping; a definition that feels incredibly plausible to this journal. From year to year, I am constantly impressed by the breadth and quality of work that our residents “transmit” to our friends and alumni encompassing research, humanities, and medical education. In this peer-reviewed publication, each year the new editors and new chief residents are handed over this responsibility with the expectation of garnering new submissions and collating them into an incredible spectrum of learning and ideas. In many ways, this journal is a prism through which we can see all the brilliant differences, perspectives, and talents that comprise our unique residency.

I am grateful to Emily Stewart for being a wonderful mentor and example of how to safeguard many of our wonderful Jefferson residency traditions. Consider this latest edition the first installment in a new chapter at Jefferson, one that promises to celebrate the passion, the talent, the diversity, and the community that our Jefferson residents personify.

It is with great pride I submit to you the 24th edition of The Medicine Forum.