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From the Editors


It is our honor to present the 23rd Annual edition of The Medicine Forum to the Jefferson community. With all the uncertainties and stressors that exist both inside and outside of the hospital walls, it is truly remarkable to see the quality of contributions by our authors. From the multitude of case reports to the collection of artworks, our residents have generated an array of unique and interesting work. We hope that this edition will continue to honor the tradition of The Medicine Forum, which is the celebration of scholarly activity among physicians in training at our institution.

Editorial Board

  • Shuji Mitsuhashi, MD
  • Abdul Kazi, MD
  • Matthew DiMeglio, DO, MBA

Editorial Staff

  • Sean Dikdan, MD
  • Zachary French, MD
  • Jonathan Glatt, MD
  • Alexander Hajduczok, MD
  • Rebecca Loh, MD

Friends of the Forum

  • Mark S. Berger, MD
  • Jane R. Eisner
  • Anna T. Monias, MD
  • Dipti S. Pancholy, MD
  • Alan H Wang, MD
  • Shiela Wang, MD