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From the Editors


Dear Students, Residents, Faculty, and Friends of the Forum,

We are excited to present you with the 17th annual edition of The Medicine Forum. This work reflects the talent, passion, creativity, and scientific inquisitiveness of Jefferson medical students, residents, fellows and faculty. It also celebrates the diverse patients who serve as the centerpiece for each story.

Unique to this issue is the initiation of Grand Rounds Discussions focusing on controversial medical topics with inputs from an array of experts. This year we discussed perioperative management of anticoagulation and antiplatelet agents, and we had exciting viewpoints from experienced cardiologists, a hematologist, a vascular medicine specialist, a primary care internal medicine physician, and an anesthesiologist who is specialized in regional anesthesia. They opened our eyes to the art of practicing medicine and how to interpret guidelines and consensus statements within the context of our patients. As Dr. William Osler eloquently expressed “medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” We are excited to bring similar stimulating discussions to the Forum in the coming years.