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The lifeline of a new product begins with an innovative process driven by an on-line request through our academic medical center’s intranet system. The individual championing the new product completes the request. Staff nurses have a voice in the decision making process of the acceptance or the rejection of new product(s) being used in a hospital setting. All requested products are thoroughly investigated as the item relates to new technology, cost, reimbursement, medical evidence and evidence-based practice. These critical factors assist in the decision making process to improve the quality of patient care while ensuring cost-containment and standardization, thereby, translating into positive patient outcomes. A nurse educator is intimately involved in the Product Evaluation and Implementation Process. As the nurse coordinating the evaluation of a product, there is opportunity to work in concert with supply chain/contract buyers, inventory control/distribution managers, requestors and the sales representatives to produce an efficient evaluation. Clinical effectiveness, quality and acceptance are criteria used to evaluate the product. Once the evaluation period is complete, data is collected and analyzed. A summary report is generated and shared electronically with the appropriate organizational representatives. Based upon the results the product is either accepted or rejected. If a product is accepted, the process moves onto the implementation phase. The nursing website and the hospital intranet is used to provide the nursing staff with Product Announcements, Product Information, Summary of Committee Actions and communicates in what phase the product rests. Presented at: National Conference: National Nursing Staff Development Organization 2009 Conference, July 8-12, 2009, Philadelphia, PA.

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