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Providing a consistent curriculum to educate and train more than 2,000 members of a nursing department and over 1000 nursing students in a tertiary care hospital on a complex clinical documentation system can be a challenge to the educator. Training new employees on an ongoing basis and an entire department when periodic system upgrades occur requires that the curriculum and methodology be consistent and made available at any time – day or night. In order to maintain consistency of the curriculum and provide the learner with ample opportunity to “play and learn” we use computer – based training video tutorials that we have created in which an instructor’s voice guides the learner through the clinical documentation functionality. In this format, the learner, plays and views a series of video tutorials accessible from the hospital intranet and then uses the online training pathway to practice documentation exercises. This self – paced teaching format allows us to provide a standardized curriculum to a variety of learners including orientees during Nursing Central Orientation, nursing students throughout the year, and large numbers of incumbent staff 24/7 whenever system upgrades are implemented. The benefit to using this methodology of education and training includes: · Ease of access for self- paced and active learning at any time · Flexibility to use in either a classroom or as independent learning · Implementation of a standardized curriculum · More time for individual support by instructor during classroom sessions

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