DVDs and SPs: How Video Recording and Standardized Patients are Used in the Radiologic Sciences


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A mission of the Department of Radiologic Sciences is to provide innovative pedagogy to develop and enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. The radiography and cardiac sonography programs have weekly lab exercises along with lab competency testing throughout each semester. Standardized patients and video recording are two examples of how innovation is used in the lab setting. The use of standardized patients offers students a “real life” situation while recording the lab sessions allows for student self-reflection and self-evaluation. This presentation will offer a SWOT analysis of the use of standardized patients and recording in radiography and cardiac sonography labs.

Colleen Dempsey, MS, RT(R)

Ms. Dempsey teaches in the Radiography Program in the Department of Radiologic Sciences, JSHP. She holds a Master of Science in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences from Thomas Jefferson University.

Maureen McDonald, MBA, RDMS, RDCS (AE, PE), FASE

Ms. McDonald is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiologic Sciences in the Jefferson School of Health Professions. She became a full time instructor in the Department in 2005, having previously worked 18 years in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Echocardiography Lab. In addition, Ms. McDonald also acts as Clinical Coordinator for both the Cardiac Sonography and Vascular Sonography programs. She introduced the concept of simulation and usage of standardized patients to the Cardiac Sonography program.



1. Identify ways in which innovative pedagogy is utilized in the radiography and cardiac sonography labs.

2. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of using standardized patients and recording in student labs.

Presentation: 54 minutes

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