Engaging Your Students In Global Health Education and Practice Experiences Built Into Your Curriculum


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For two decades global health training, service and research activities at academic institutions have been expanding. Recent Jefferson on-campus surveys have shown a sustained, expanding interest by students and faculty in global health bring integrated into Jefferson education, and highlight an unmet need for global health initiatives within the enterprise. Over the past few years, the Jefferson Global Health Initiative Committee (GHIC) has been working to help our Academic Pillar meet this need. This presentation by key faculty and student GHIC leaders will provide interprofessional and college-specific curriculum and practice examples that can be directly applied by Jefferson faculty, staff and students. Specific global health-related educational initiatives and programs such as online iCE modules, experiential learning opportunities in Philadelphia and internationally, and global health education resources will be presented as participants will be engaged in planning and discussion on how these can be applied in one's College and program.



1. Describe mechanisms and tools available to enhance global health education experiences within your program's curriculum.

2. Advise students who are interested in global health how to get engaged in global health learning and practice activities.

3. Cite how global health can be infused into your program's/College's education initiatives.

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