Emotional Intelligence: How a Conversation Gains Momentum


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It all started as a conversation between two faculty members from different colleges. The shared concern was the ability of students to navigate the clinical practice space to gain requisite experiences to assume future roles in healthcare. The fundamental question was whether or not students could negotiate competing priorities to be perceived as "good students" with the need to be assertive enough to communicate learning needs to clinical practice staff. Subsequently, an educational leadership session on emotional intelligence was designed and delivered to students in order to increase their awareness of this phenomenon and its value in shaping institutional culture. Student evaluations of these presentations prompted continued dialogue regarding the need to formalize content on emotional intelligence within the health professions. This session will trace the steps taken by a faculty dyad to form an interprofessional faculty team to study this area and ultimately improve faculty teaching practices related to emotional intelligence.



1. Discuss current literature supporting the relevance of emotional intelligence as a key concept in the delivery of patient-centered care.

2. Explain how content related to emotional intelligence can be taught across professions through the use of the iCE platform.

3. Discover opportunities in course planning to include emotional intelligence concepts to prompt student theoretical learning and translation to the clinical practice environment.

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