Applying Assessment to Teaching: A Review of the Office of Institutional Research's Longitudinal Study Data


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Students from the Colleges of the Health Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Population Health are asked questions related to their educational satisfaction during their first and last year as students at Jefferson by the Office of Institutional Research. Items include satisfaction with size of classes, quality of classroom and laboratory teaching, academic support services, faculty availability, faculty academic advising and clinical fieldwork experiences. Other questions include satisfaction with curricular items such as, basic clinical skills, understanding patient/client needs, working as an interprofessional team, developing professional values and attributes, communication skills, problem solving and decision making skills. Over the last 3 years, means have remained steady for these items. Students are satisfied (mean scores of 3.1-3.5) with their academic experiences at Jefferson. Open ended comments also suggest students are satisfied with these aspects of their education. In addition to discussing the data, this presentation will highlight how assessment ties into course and curricular objectives.



1. Identify how items asked on the OIR satisfaction survey relate to their course and curricular learning objectives.

2. Apply the data from the OIR satisfaction survey to improve the student satisfaction with their teaching and availability.

3. Create additional items that should be asked of students related to their course or program.

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