Like We're Kids Again: Leveraging IT to Engage Adult Learners


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In healthcare, education occurs simultaneous to important clinical responsibilities. Educators often site lack of protected time with learners as a barrier to delivering comprehensive curricula in almost any topic. Similarly, online courses meant to run asynchronously during "time-off" lack valuable opportunities for group work, faculty mentoring, and have prohibitively steep learning curves for short courses. These factors combined lead to an over reliance on purely lecture-based information delivery, which often fails to engage learners.

We have used several IT platforms to design robust and innovative curricula in Quality and Improvement and Patient Safety, leveraging there resources to increase active learning and engagement. Specifically, we have applied iCE, Nearpod, and Confluence to several different education projects, including a flipped classroom QI workshop, a project-based longitudinal QI course, and a Housestaff Quality and Safety Leadership Council. During this workshop we will use these projects as teaching cases, pushing educators to innovate through the use of information technology.



1. Describe the structure/elements of a flipped classroom curriculum.

2. Identify the pros and cons of using several IT platforms in education.

3. Give examples how they might leverage IT platforms to innovate in their own educational projects.

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