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A team of faculty, staff and technical experts collaborated on the iCE (Integrative Curricula Experience) Platform and App, a content management system designed specifically for the iPad. A year after its launch, use and deployment patterns are emerging. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides a snapshot of the platform's adoption and use across campus. In addition to using the platform for credit-bearing courses, the platform has been used to create content for co-curricular and professional development activities. The presentation highlights a handful of uses that illustrate innovative and/or best practices.

The Center also initiated a formal evaluation of iCE. Early assessment suggest that content developers generally like the new technology but continue to struggle with integration. Perceived barriers to integration and adoption will be addressed and placed in the larger context of technology adoption and integration and possible avenues of redress.


iCE or the Interactive Curricula Experience Platform and App is a content delivery system designed specifically for the iPad but available to any learner with a web-enabled device.

Poster presented at 2016 8th Annual Faculty Days at Thomas Jefferson University.