Anesthesiology Intra-operative Handoff Tool


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Critical details may be lost during handovers resulting in suboptimal care and patient harm (ref 1). Previous work indicated that checklists improve information transfer during care handovers. They found 7% increase in risk for an adverse outcome for each attending anesthesia handover and an additional 7% among residents and nurse anesthetists (ref 1). The purpose of this educational intervention is to avoid loss of critical patient information when changing anesthesia providers intra-operatively. The goal was to develop an electronic handoff tool for residents, student nurse anesthetists, and fellows that is innovative and improves patient safety by incorporating patient information. The handoff tool was based on the Society for Pediatric Anesthesiologist (SPA) intra-operative handoff tool on the SPA website (ref 2). The challenge's this presentation addresses includes incorporating an electronic handoff tool into a medical record and teaching using an elecronic handoff tool. Ref 1: Saager et al. Anesthesiology 2014; 121: 695-706 Ref 2: www.pedsanesthesia.org


1. Recognize critical patient information may be lost when performing a handoff to another provider.

2. Identify gaps in communication and loss of critical patient information.

3. Apply patient information into an electronic based handoff tool.

4. Evaluate use of electronic based handoff tool.

5. Assess evidence of improved patient safety.

Presentation: 30 minutes

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