A Quality Improvement Toolkit: Integrating QI awareness, engagement, and concepts into teaching


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Principles of Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) are often taught in the classroom, an arena far removed from the patients and care systems they are meant to impact. Didactic learning fails to reinforce the idea that QI and PS involve skills, which need to be practiced, not simply definitions that can be memorized and applied. Many educators feel uncomfortable with their own knowledge base in PS/QI, and lack a framework for incorporating these concepts into their daily practice. We plan to present a set of QI Tools, such as the 5-Whys, Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone diagrams, and Lean Principles, that the typical clinician educator can easily integrate into their daily teaching, whether at the bedside, in the ambulatory setting or in small groups.


After this session, participants should be able to:

1. Apply QI/PS Tools in a variety of educational settings

2. Teach simple QI/PS tools to a wide range of learners

3. Evaluate learners’ skills with the use of QI/PS tools

Presentation:57 minutes

(Note: audio cuts off, but entire PowerPoint slide set is available at bottom of page)

Faculty days - QI bedside Final.pdf (1708 kB)
Complete PowerPoint slide set.

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