Innovative Evaluation Techniques for Students of Health Professions Programs


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Faculty in the Jefferson School of Health Professions are implementing creative methods for evaluating student performance in the classroom. A pilot study of group testing in the nuclear medicine program has received positive student feedback. ExamSoft is being used in basic science courses in the physical therapy program to provide rapid feedback and prompt remediation. Both are reported here to encourage discussion and input from other TJU faculty.

Christina Truluck, Ph.D., RT(N), CNMT

Dr. Truluck has been teaching radiologic technology students for thirteen years, and is currently an Associate Professor and the Director of the Nuclear Medicine Program at JSHP, Department of Radiologic Sciences. More recently, she started a PET/CT program for certified nuclear medicine technologists. Dr. Truluck is a proponent of student-centered learning. She endeavors to teach by example, aspiring to instill in others a love of learning, a desire to perform to their best ability, and a sense of pride in their achievements.

Christine K. Wade, PT, EdD, RN

Dr. Wade graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in physical therapy after which she practiced acute/geriatric care in Florida for several years before returning to graduate school. She completed an MA in Exercise physiology, then earned a MS in neurophysiology. After moving to New York, Dr. Wade spent ten years working as a Physical Therapist in a multicenter clinical trial project on Duchenne muscular dystrophy while teaching and completing her doctoral degree at Columbia University. Five years at the University of Wyoming followed, during which time she taught undergraduate and medical students, earned a BSN and worked at the local acute care facility part-time. Dr. Wade has been at Thomas Jefferson University for the last ten years, teaching in the physical therapy doctoral program where she also coordinates the pro bono outreach at the homeless shelter.



1. Assess the use of group testing as means of evaluating students and encouraging critical thinking.

2. Discuss the implementation of ExamSoft in basic sciences courses and challenges encountered.

Presentation: 52 minutes

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PowerPoint slides: Innovative Evaluation: Exam Soft

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PowerPoint slides: Innovative Evaluation techniques for students of health professions programs: Group Testing

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