Dynamic Duo Presentations: Hepatocellular Cancer one transplant surgeon's perspective and Genomic Aberrations of mitochondrial DNAs in the risk prediction and early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in HBV patients

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Objectives and Approach Dr. Frank presentation:

I agree to do this talk in part because of self interest

-Perhaps more resection business for myself

-More liver call

Massive Topic

-Pay homage to experts who have spoken to TJU surgeons before-David Geller, Brice Guyet and others

-Warren Maley

Hope to convey how things are done today at TJUH for patients with HCC especially when liver transplant is the best possible treatment.

Present some literature in HCC care-KM curve rich

UNOS liver allocation in the setting of HCC

Presentation: 18:48

Dr. Yang presentation: 22