Mini-Grand Rounds "Health Care 101- My Baker's Dozen List of 2013: Topics and Lessons"

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Health Care 101: Baker's Dozen

1. Healthcare spending is finally flattening out.

2. We (physicians and hospitals) will be paid less for what we do.

3. Employers and payers are getting aggressive on cost and quality.

4. Hospitals will be in the cross hairs for more cut.

5. The most meaningful cost reduction strategies will involve standardization and elimination of variation.

6. Control of "waste" crucial.

7. Current payments systems (but not future) are mal-aligned with quality and wellness improvements.

8. The Hot Topic-ACOs

9. The 5-50 rule reigns

10. Hospital systems will transition to Care systems

11. How to enable physician integration

12. Aspiration items for Hospital corporate leaders

Presentation: 40 minutes

Presentation: 40 minutes