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This article is the author’s final published version in Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases, Innovations and Techniques, Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 210 - 213.

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Renal artery pseudoaneurysms have been infrequently reported in the literature. In the present report, we have described a case of a ruptured renal artery pseudoaneurysm requiring coil embolization. A 49-year-old man had presented to our institution with a hypertensive emergency. Computed tomography revealed a 3.4-cm right renal artery pseudoaneurysm. Nonemergent coil embolization was planned for the following day. However, he became hypotensive, exsanguinating frank blood from the urethra. An arteriogram showed extravasation of contrast into the pseudoaneurysm sac, renal pelvis, and ureter, consistent with intrarenal pseudoaneurysm rupture. We have demonstrated coil embolization as a method of repairing a ruptured renal artery pseudoaneurysm with gross hematuria.

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