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Influenza A sequelae range from mild symptoms to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which can be refractory to conventional ventilator therapy. We present a case series of three non-H1N1 Influenza patients with ARDS, who completely recovered after VV-ECMO.

Case Presentation:

In January and February 2013, we experienced three cases of Influenza A induced ARDS that failed conventional ARDS ventilator therapy. All three patients presented with typical flu-like symptoms, which deteriorated over several days, requiring intubation. They were all treated with oseltamivir. They had bilateral chest infiltrates on chest x-rays. After a few days of failing conventional treatment these patients were placed on VV-ECMO using Avalon Dual Lumen catheters.

Presented 24th Annual ELSO Conference.

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