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Presented at the 2018 Community-Driven Research Day Conference


Research Goals & Questions

What’s missing? / Overarching goal:

  • Despite improving air quality as reported in the 2017 Community Health Assessment, asthma is still a major health problem in Philadelphia with some low-income communities affected significantly more than others.
  • In North and West Philadelphia where child asthma hospitalization rates are highest, there is a lack of air monitors in these affected communities.
  • Thus, the air quality information that is recorded on the city’s air monitors may not accurately reflect the air quality in these areas of Philadelphia with high asthma rates.


  1. Does ground level air quality differ in underserved communities of Philadelphia and how much does it differ from the air quality that is recorded by the City of Philadelphia's monitors?
  2. What is the impact of local air pollution events (e.g. fires, truck traffic, local industry emissions, noxious smells) on local community health?
  3. How can we increase awareness and knowledge of the impact the environment has on personal health, and the steps to take in reporting environmental code violations?