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Travel and transportation includes driving or being a passenger in a car or van, or traveling in an airplane, bus, train or ship. After a spinal cord impairment, traveling for business or pleasure can be an overwhelming experience. Being well prepared in advance will decrease stress and make your trip enjoyable.

This chapter provides tips regarding traveling with a power or manual wheelchair, purchasing or renting durable medical equipment, medication management, bowel and bladder issues, traveling registrations and organizing recreational activities.


When you are ready to consider driving, it is suggested that you discuss financial coverage with your occupational therapist and case manager. If you are a vocational rehabilitation client, please consult with your therapist or rehabilitation counselor regarding driving evaluation, training and equipment coverage.

A referral can be made to link you up to the appropriate programs that evaluate your potential to drive safely. A comprehensive evaluation will be completed to evaluate your visual skills, motor skills, reaction time, transfer skills, hand function and driving knowledge. As a result of the evaluation, a recommendation can be made as to your ability and readiness to drive.

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