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Introduction: Procedures performed as part of the urgent care medical services provided at JeffHOPE Clinics (JHCs) are common in daily operations, but the number and types of procedures performed at each JHC have not yet been reported. The goal of this research was to provide JHCs the data needed to ensure clinic-specific evidence-based training for incoming procedures committee members, and thus ensure the highest quality patient care. The inquiry question was what are the number and types of procedures performed at each JHC?

Methods: An IRB waiver of authorization was obtained. A chart review of patients 18 years or older seen at JeffHOPE clinics during 2019, was performed. For each clinic, the procedure type and month when the procedure was performed were recorded using Microsoft Excel®. The electronic medical record, Practice Fusion, was queried for scheduled patients based on date of clinic attendance.

Results: In total, 1987 charts were reviewed revealing 462 procedures performed. The JeffHOPE clinic at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission recorded the most blood draws, urinalyses, and urine samples. The JeffHOPE clinic at Eliza Shirly House recorded the most Depo-Provera injections and pregnancy tests. The JeffHOPE clinic at Our Brothers Place Shelter recorded the most blood glucose checks and wounds cared for.

Conclusion: The number and types of procedures performed at each JeffHOPE clinic in 2019 for patients greater than 18 years or older have been determined. Next steps include developing a procedures committee training protocol using these data as a guide for training incoming committee members.

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"The Number and Types of Procedures Performed at JeffHOPE Clinics" by Jeremy Heard and James Plumb is available in the Additional Files section

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