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Introduction: While there are many challenges veterans face while making the transition to the civilian lifestyle, undoubtedly one of the more frustrating factors is finding employment. While the veteran unemployment rate has dropped in recent years, it currently sits at ~3.4%. Therefore, an estimated 323, 000 veterans are currently unemployed. Given these statistics, what are the common barriers veterans face when seeking employment, specifically in healthcare industry positions?

Methods: Two (30 minute) interviews will be conducted with individuals heavily involved in veteran employment at Jefferson Hospitals. The questions asked the interviewee’s opinions on factors that make veterans successful in gaining employment and conversely what they might be missing. The responses of these interviews will be analyzed for reoccurring themes regarding hiring veterans.

Results: While the interviews have not yet been conducted, based on the existing literature, it is thought that the common hurdles highlighted in the interviews will include unpreparedness for civilian jobs, translation of military skills, unaddressed mental illness, stigma around hiring veterans, and cultural differences between the two work forces.

Conclusion: Once the interviews are conducted, the data from them will elucidate the next steps. Should the factors listed above truly be the most common hurdles veterans face, the next step would be piloting a program that focuses on navigating employment and providing specific trainings as outlined by Jefferson hospital hiring managers.



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