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Introduction: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires non-profit hospitals to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years that provides insight into the health and social needs of the community served and develop a plan to address priority needs. Community engagement and collaborative participation are essential to the process. For the 2019 CHNA, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is conducting a more in-depth assessment of the Philadelphia Latino community in North Philadelphia in order to better understand the specific issues faced by this population.

Objective: To conduct a CHNA in North Philadelphia’s Latino community that identifies priority health and social needs and opportunities for addressing these issues through input from the community. Also, to empower the community to address the identified needs.

Methods: Interviews with key community stakeholders suggested that using Photovoice methodology for the CHNA would transcend language barriers and give voice to those who otherwise go unheard. Up to 50 youth will be recruited to participate in 3 Photovoice projects in North Philadelphia. Youths will be instructed to take photographs that address the questions “What in your community helps you to be healthy?” and “What prevents you from being healthy?”. Photos will be discussed individually and in groups using the SHOWeD process. Thematic analysis and prioritization will be used to identify key issues and strategies to advocate for change.

Results: Results are pending.

Conclusions: Yet to be determined. The community’s desire to complete Photovoice from the child’s perspective emphasizes importance of future health and implies that kids are more aware of community health issues.