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The island of Bermuda is 21 sq miles and located approximately 650 miles east of North Carolina, US. [1] There is only one hospital to serve the population of approximately 65,000. There are approximately 95 registered EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) and AEMTs (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) currently serving the island. [2] It is hypothesized that due to the remote/isolated nature of the island, low ratio of 911 call volume to population, and limited access to continuing education, there is difficulties for EMTs and AEMTs to maintain their skill and knowledge base. [3, 4, 5, 6] The Goal of this needs assessment is to identify key areas where education modules utilizing simulation-based training can be designed to meet the needs of the prehospital providers of Bermuda, ultimately strengthening the knowledge base and skill sets of the EMTs and AEMTs serving the island.


A recruitment letter with the needs assessment survey link will be sent to employees of Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) and King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH). The survey will consist of questions utilizing the Likert scale and open-ended format. This will allow the subjects to self-report their confidence in various areas of their knowledge base, skill set, and training. The survey will be administered via Qualtrics. Once the survey is sent out the subjects will have 1 month to complete it. After the surveys have been submitted the data will be gathered and analyzed utilizing Qualtrics software. Results will be reported using standard statistical methodology. The survey platform is deidentified and will not record any identifying personal information.

Next Steps

The needs assessment survey has been granted exemption through the Institutional Review Board of the Office of Human Research at Thomas Jefferson University. An application for Research Proposal Approval from the Bermuda Hospital Board Ethics Committee has been submitted. The approval from the Bermuda Hospital Board Ethics Committee is required in order to conduct research in Bermuda. Following approval, the recruitment letter with the survey link will be sent out to BFRS and KEMH to be disseminated to employees. Following completion of the survey, the data will be gathered, analyzed and reported.


This needs assessment is meant to help maximize the skill set and knowledge base of prehospital providers in Bermuda. By allowing the subjects to self-report areas in which they are less confident, it provides an opportunity to tailor specific learning modules to the EMTs and AEMTs of Bermuda. This needs assessment provides an opportunity to strengthen the providers but also ensure that the Bermudian public is receiving the highest level of prehospital medical care possible.