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Purpose: Anatomy, general care and emergency management knowledge of tracheostomies and laryngectomies is crucial in preventing significant morbidity and mortality within the surgical airway population. An Articulate module was made to address and refresh learners on pertinent surgical airway knowledge. Our goal was to assess the efficacy of the new Articulate module, measuring airway knowledge and attitude treating the surgical airway population.

Methods: Residents in anesthesia, emergency medicine, and internal medicine were eligible and consented to participate. Half of participants were given the Articulate module and half were not. All participants were asked to take a follow-up test. The test consisted of questions on anatomy, general care, emergency management, and individual attitude treating surgical airways. Participants self-reported residency specialty and year of training. A T-test was used to identify improvement within learners using the Articulate module. Differences were recorded by specialty type and year in training.

Results and Conclusions (data in progress)