Submissions from 2021

Correlation between Musical, Artistic, and Athletic Experience and Surgical Interests among Medical Students, Jade Azari; Renee Tholey, MD; and Tyler Grenda, MD

Looking at creative writing as a tool for adult survivors of intimate partner violence: a systematic review, Amy Baumgart and Katherine Hubbard

International medical education: establishing a framework for comparison of different systems with common goals, Mia Brownfield and Peter Scoles

The Baseline Characteristics of Medical Students Pursuing Traditional Medical or Humanities Research, Aaron Kendrick, Salvatore Mangione, Megan Voeller, and Richard Hass

Using Jigsaw Puzzles to Promote Improved Observational Skills in Medical Students, Sana Mahmood and Salvatore Mangione

The Promise of Unpaid Domestic Labor and its Relationship to Medical Residency, Alix Masters and Rosalind Kaplan, MD

Assessing the Relationship between Medical Students’ and Physicians’ Definitions of Success and Self-Perception of Burnout, Michael McCarthy, Megan Voeller, and Katherine Hubbard

Wellbeing and the Effect of Covid-19 in SKMC Medical Students, David Miller and Andrew Newberg, MD

Functional Connectivity Correlates of Spiritual Experience, Sai Mupparaju, Shiva Shahrampour, Nancy A. Wintering, Chloe Hriso, Elaine Wong, David B. Yaden, Mahdi Alizedah, Feroze Mohamed, and Andrew Newberg

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Older Adults- an fMRI Study, Hannah Porter and Andrew Newberg, MD

The Therapeutic Effect of Reflective Writing on Loneliness During Quarantine, Syona Satwah

Performance Considerations for Hospice Volunteer Musicians, Lauren Thaete and Bruce Fenderson