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Medical school is an immense undertaking, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I heard it said that “medicine is the frontline seat to human condition, without the tools to process becomes traumatic”. I entered this phase of my life with interests and passion outside of my professional aspirations, and I have found it a struggle to devote to them the energy and time that they deserve. I have chosen a project in the humanities track, focused on creating a musical time capsule of creative work.


To create a chronological record of my evolving musical tastes and influences that I can one day use to reflect on my experience in medical school and the ways in which it impacted my “artistic” side.


I will create an annual set of deliverables: - A short written reflection on the year and the ways in which my creative life was woven into it, the ways in which music impacted it - A piece of recorded music, either original or an interpreted composition with notes on its significance - A curated playlist to capture the music that I felt most inspired by


MS1 Year Deliverable: To be submitted on January 15th, 2018


The greatest challenge thus far has been properly compartmentalizing the needed time and emotional resources for the project while being often exhausted and overwhelmed by a combination of life and school events. I took a part of my life that was previously almost entirely unstructured and committed to a project that by design forces it into an academic box. I resented this at first, but I now appreciate that it keeps me accountable to the creation of material that I someday be happy that I did.