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While there are large efforts to decrease readmission rates in the United States, cancer patients represent a population that has been overlooked. Cancer patients are a vulnerable population who make up a large portion of hospital readmissions. Most of the current research on the causes of readmissions in cancer patients focuses on medical chart reviews and insurance claims. Many of these studies fail to incorporate patient input which could further the understanding of the complete burden associated with cancer readmissions. The goal of this study is to understand the personal reasons behind the decision of cancer patients to return to the hospital, resulting in a readmission. This qualitative study will use a semi-structured interview guide to interview readmitted patients that are under the care of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Medical Oncology Service at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. All interviews will be conducted by trained interviewers, and then transcribed verbatim. NVivo 12, a qualitative software program will be used to analyze themes and trends between interviews. Data displays (table, graphic, etc) will be used to look for interrelationships between interviews and to draw conclusions. Results from this project could highlight potential areas of improvement for cancer patient care. This inductive research project intends to generate a hypothesis from the results to be used for further deductive research on the topic of cancer patient readmissions.