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Health policy describes the legal, regulatory and political processes that determine the structure of the health care delivery system, the scope of professional practice, how health care is paid for, and the roles various decision makers, stakeholders and other influencers play in the policymaking process.

The Health Policy track is designed for students who wish to develop an understanding of the seen and unseen levers that shape and guide public policy as it relates to health care and population health. Students identify the elements and principal modalities of policy development and demonstrate how each is employed, through analysis of legislative, regulatory, or budgetary health policy proposals. The track explores how various stakeholders interact to shape and direct the structure and financing of our healthcare system. Working in teams and individually, students examine complex policy problems, conduct economic, political, and value analyses to determine effective policy approaches. They also meet with policymakers and stakeholders to foster a real-world understanding of how policy is developed and implemented.