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Compensation packages and job responsibilities for United States surgical program directors (PD) vary considerably from one institution to the next. With limited compensation data available for PD’s, this survey reassesses and compares the salaries, benefits, duties, and contract arrangements of all allopathic U.S. surgical PDs. Questionnaires regarding these areas of interest were mailed out electronically to all of the PDs and data was compared between the individuals’ responses using Chi-Squared and Fischer Exact Tests. Fifty-five percent of the PDs responded, revealing significant variation in total compensation packages, size of the dedicated stipend for the role, and time spent on clinical and administrative tasks. Mean salary reported by the group was $340,000 and nearly one-third of the directors reported they were dissatisfied with their current compensation package. These survey results reveal a continued incongruency in the responsibilities and pay of surgical PDs across the country. Furthermore, the information gathered could be utilized to set a compensation standard for PDs and their employers in future contract negotiations.



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