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Introduction & Background: Following directives from the Institute of Medicine 1 and AAFP 2 , we aimed to create an intervention for Family and Internal Medicine Residents to gain familiarity with gender and sexual minority (GSM) / differences in sexual development (health topics). Existing literature regarding GSM/DSD health training interventions does not provide topic based recommendations for instructing medical trainees within their chosen specialty. We aim to assess curricular content, applicability to medical practice, and subsequent attitudes and beliefs from trainees regarding readiness to interact with and treat GSM/DSD patients.

Methods & Framework: Internal Medicine ( IM ) and Family Medicine FM ) residents will participate in a three (3) hour workshop focusing on GSM/DSD health topics. Workshop content is curated based upon an assessment of current gaps in GSM/DSD education and professional development. Learning objectives for trainees were identified, and accompanying constructs were developed for later assessment of integration into professional practice. A semi structured protocol was also developed to collect qualitative reflections on the curriculum, as well as personal attitudes / beliefs regarding treatment of GSM/DSD patients. The assessment of the initial intervention was delayed due to COVID 19; this poster showcases the designed curriculum and its prospective assessment features.

Implementation & Assessment: COVID 19 posed unforeseen challenges, which barred us from assessing this intervention along its originally intended timeline. We intend to implement the invention in its entirety for the Fall 2020 cohort. We encourage others seeking to adopt this curriculum to utilize innovative assessment opportunities such as simulated patients or role plays to assess trainee progress toward learning outcomes. Pre and post assessment metrics will be collected from all trainees during the intervention’s Fall 2020 delivery. Semi structured focus groups will also be conducted. We will use analyses to inform further program development, content inclusion, and supplementary learning experiences to accompany the didactic curriculum. This module serves as a “starting point” for trainees’ continued education on GSM / DSD health topics. We recognize the need for continued expansion of content on marginalized LGBTQ+ communities.

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Graduate Medical Education, Gender & Sexual Minority

Critical Content-A Novel Graduate Medical Education Intervention to Address Gender & Sexual Minority/Differences in Sexual Development Health