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This is the final published article from the journal Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 2022 Mar 16;10(1):34.

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Entrapment peripheral neuropathies are clinically characterized by sensory impairment and motor deficits. They are usually caused by mechanical injuries, but they are also a frequent manifestation of metabolic diseases, toxic agent exposure, or systemic fibrotic disorders. Here we describe the clinical, radiological, and histopathological features of a novel progressive fibrotic disorder characterized by progressive multifocal fibrosing neuropathy. We identified two patients who presented with severe and progressive peripheral neuropathic symptoms sequentially affecting multiple sites. These patients presented with severe and progressive multifocal, sequentially additive peripheral neuropathic symptoms. Extensive nerve conduction and radiological studies showed the sequential development of multifocal motor and sensory peripheral neuropathy in the absence of any exposure to known infectious, inflammatory, or fibrotic triggers and the lack of family history of compression neuropathies. Extensive clinical and laboratory test evaluation failed to support the diagnosis of any primary inflammatory or genetic peripheral neuropathy and there was no evidence of any systemic fibrosing disorder including Systemic Sclerosis, lacking cutaneous fibrotic changes and cardiopulmonary abnormalities. The clinical course was progressive with sequential development of motor and sensory deficits of upper and lower extremities displaying proximal predominance. Histopathological study of tissues obtained during nerve release surgeries showed severe perineural fibrosis with marked accumulation of thick collagen bundles encroaching the peripheral nerves. There was no evidence of vasculitic, inflammatory, or vascular fibroproliferative lesions. We suggest that the clinical findings described here represent a previously undescribed fibrotic disorder affecting peripheral nerves, and we propose the descriptive term "Progressive Multifocal Fibrosing Neuropathy" to refer to this novel disorder. Despite the inherent limitations of this early description, we hope this is would contribute to the identification of additional cases.

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